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A business site designed to give you everything you need to help you build a business that can function without you bringing you in more income more business and most importantly more profit.

To have the lifestyle you want is to be prepared to do what most people won't, to have the lifestyle most will never know.



Hi my name is Wayne Large in the Founder Absolute Training and Nutrition. I started ATN in 2005, working out of a big box gym. I really thought I had a great business. Working in the gym all day building up a “solid business”. Or so I thought. In 2007 the gym I worked in closed. I went from £1700 a week to £0 in a matter of weeks. Lesson from this, I needed to be in control of my business.

Like a lot of PTs I worked long hours, slowly building my business back up. It seemed to take forever to do, seriously long days, no holidays, no time off even if I was ill. Something needed to change.

I had no idea what that was. I started looking into business particularly those who were doing well in the industry. I saw an ad for a PT business weekend in LA. I asked my wife what she thought and she replied can we afford it, I replied I don’t think I can afford not to.

Fast forward I learned some massive lessons. The biggest one was, you have to spend money to make money.

However it was difficult, I was afraid to spend money “on” the business, I went on courses, I bought kit, but I spent nothing on the business, nothing that would move my business forward.

The minute I started spending money on business, and learning about business, and working with people who were doing well my business grew.

Today I have a team of 13 people working with in Absolute. We have multiple facilities and grow from strength to strength.


I'm an In-The-Field PT Just Like You

Over the years I have a built a business that is systemised, and can function with out me. I should add I still do 12-14 hours a day however. Your probably thinking why you doing all those hours if your so successful. The difference is because I want to I don’t need to.

BBS. No ordinary business membership site.

Inside the site you will find everything you need to take your business through a journey, taking you from where you are now, to a stronger, more profitable business. A business that work’s for you, rather than you working for your business.


Building your website (yes we show you how to build your own sexy looking website) everything you need to know. (worth the cost alone)

Its fair to say you will not find a more in depth business building membership site anywhere.

We are always adding more to the site.

If you have not increased your business exponentially over the last 12 months and you find yourself going up and down in income then you need to join BBS.



All content is drip fed weekly. Its delivered this way so you complete and implement everything in the site.

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